Quiet Leadership
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'Help people think better, don't tell them what to do'  

By David Rock 

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 About the book

What others are saying


Quiet Leadership will help you improve other people's thinking, which is the best place to begin improving performance.
Marshall Goldsmith, founder of Marshall Goldsmith Partners

Rock has broken the code on how to leverage our most basic human function-thinking!
Both practical and profound - a must- read for anyone who wants to unleash the potential of their team.

Michael W. Morrison, Dean, University of Toyota

Success depends on the quality of thinking. In the past, if we wanted to change our habitual forms of thinking, we operated in the dark - because nobody had taken the cutting-edge insights of neuroscientists and rephrased them in ordinary language or a business context. Now David Rock has done exactly that, and done it well.
Art Kleiner, Editor-in-Chief, Strategy+Business magazine

Essential reading for any leader who has ever wondered, Why don't people do what I tell them to do?
Dianna Anderson, MCC VP Leadership Coaching, Metrix Global, LLC

Thank you, David Rock! At last, a comprehensive set of conversational tools that support leaders in having powerful, results-oriented conversations with their employees around change, performance, and career development
Colette Dempster, Coaching and Mentoring Program Manager, EDS Global Learning and Development Program

In the first major book to explore what business leaders ought to know about the brain, David Rock creatively marshals an abundance of new research to coherently explain how it advances the use of mind-based brain change as the dynamic element of better leadership training. The key to the future of leadership development lies in these pages.
Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, Author of The Mind & The Brain, and Brain Lock

Quiet Leadership is an inspiring, clear, step-by-step approach to changing people, rather than processes.
Elisa Mallis, Human Performance Consultant, Accenture, London

What the book is about

You are trying to help one of your team solve a problem and think you know what they should do. You estimate the conversation should only take a few minutes, yet somehow 45 minutes later you're still going around in circles.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, improving human performance involves one of the hardest challenges in the known universe: changing the way people think.

In constant demand as a coach, speaker, and consultant to companies around the world, David Rock has proven the secret to leading people (and living and working with them) is found in the space between our ears. If people are being paid to think, he writes, isn't it time the business world found out what the thing doing the work, the brain, is all about? Supported by the latest groundbreaking research on the brain, Quiet Leadership provides, for the first time, a simple brain-based approach that will help busy leaders, executives, and managers improve their own and their colleagues' performance.

This book is for the CEO who wants to be more effective at inspiring high-quality thinking in his or her leadership team, but has just a few minutes each week to speak to them. It's for the executive who'd like to get a manager to plan more effectively, but can't seem to work out how. It's for the manager who wants to inspire their the sales team, but isn't sure how to do it. It's for the human resources professional who is ready to take on changing the culture of a whole organization. It's also for the parent or caregiver who wants to reach new levels of communication and understanding with their family members.

Quiet leaders are masters at bringing out the best performance in others. They improve the thinking of people around them--literally improving the way their brains process information--without telling anyone what to do. Given how many people in today's companies are being paid to think and analyze, improving others' thinking is one of the fastest ways to improve performance. Quiet Leadership offers a practical, six-step guide to making permanent workplace performance change, to unleashing higher productivity, new levels of morale, and greater job satisfaction. Above all, Quiet Leadership will give you the clarity and strength that comes from mastering and using powerful insights into what makes us perform and succeed at the highest level.

About the author 

David is one of the global pioneers in the coaching field. As the driver of the NeuroLeadership Group business, and the developer of Results' coaching models, he has been responsible for the development of thousands of coaches worldwide.

David has written four books including Your Brain at Work, Quiet Leadership, Theoretical Foundations of Coaching and Personal Best. His books have been translated into a number of languages and he holds a doctorate in the Neuroscience of Leadership and regularly consults with companies in the fortune 500 on creating coaching cultures.


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