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Quiet Leadership draws on a wide range of research by a many different scientists, in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, brain imaging, positive psychology, management science and other fields. In particular, the ideas for the book came from a convergence of neural darwinism, neuroplasticity, and the study of insight.  The study of the brain functions of attention, reflection, insight and action are also central.

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Some of the central research in the book was by the following scientsts:

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz
Jeff is one of the world's experts on OCD and Neuroplasticity.
He wrote 'The mind and the Brain' which explains for the first time how our attention creates the neural pathways in our mind.

Dr. Mark Jung-Beeman
Mark is an expert in the anatomy of the moment of insight, having studied this using fMRI and EEG.
He has a fascinating website with many resources here.

Dr. Gerald Edelman
Dr. Edelman is a nobel prize winner for biology who applied Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theories to how the brain develops, to form the theory of neural darwinism.
His book Brilliant Air, Brilliant Fire, is an excellent and important resource.

Jeff Hawkins
Jeff is one of the founders of the Palm Pilot and has since been working on the neuroscience of intelligence, through the Redwood Neuroscientific Institute.
Jeff's theories on the predictive nature of the brain are ahead of their time, read about them in his book 'On Intelligence'.

Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman
Martin is the founder of the Positive Psychology movement, which is leading the way in building a strengths-based approach to human performance improvement.
His book Learned Optimism was groundbreaking in it's time and still highly relevant.

NeuroLeadership Institute
The NeuroLeadership Institute is being set up to do further research on the links between leadership development and the brain.
There are many more links to research and articles at David Rock's private blog.

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